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I started Wiley Brothers in 1999 with the idea of making a thoughtfully handcrafted, quality leather belt. I originally only offered two belts; the hoof pick and a regular # 12 brass buckle belt. They were both available in Dark Havana brown or plain black. The leather was vegetable-tanned, the buckles solid brass and the workmanship done by hand. Wiley Brothers is proud to offer many different styles in 10 different colours of leather, with women's and children's lines on the way. Our quality has only improved over the years. We use only the finest vegetable-tanned English bridle leather available and many of our brass buckles are now cast locally not only to ensure quality, but so that we may also offer our customers something unique which speaks to who they are and how they live. Our belts are made to last decades and only improve with age and since they last so long our designs must be timeless. We are not into fads or the latest rage that’s gone in a season; we are interested in giving our customers thoughtful, elegant designs that will hold up year-in and year-out.

Why would somebody make something that lasts so long? Don’t we want our customers coming back every year to buy a belt? The answer is no. Don’t get me wrong, we do want our customers to buy more than one belt but not because the first one wore out. We want our customers to come back because they are so happy with their belt that they wish to share the experience with a friend or relative. As a nation we used to make just about everything we needed. Now we have sacrificed quality for cheap, poorly made products made abroad. We don’t even care if it wears out in less than a year because it costs so very little. The cliché “You get what you pay for” is a cliché for a reason. We have seen the tide begin to shift over the last 10 years. The days of defining “improved” by making something faster and cheaper seem to be waning. Our company does not need to make a million belts a year. We don’t need to always find new ways to make them cheaper. That track inevitably leads to an inferior product with attractive margins. If it does not maintain or improve the quality of our belts, we are not interested. Many companies remain true to their customers until they have built brand loyalty. Once this has been achieved, they begin to find cheaper materials, have it made over seas and streamline the manufacturing process. All this means is that you, the customer, pay the same if not more for what used to be a decent product. 11 years ago we handmade our belts using vegetable-tanned leather, solid brass buckles and meticulous attention to detail. Today we hand-make our belts using only the best vegetable-tanned English bridle leather, the highest quality brass buckles and of course meticulous attention to detail. We have belts to match your shoes, your boots and the way you live your life, which is honest and well deserved. No short cuts, no cutting corners and no quick fixes. These are challenging times, buy something worthy of your efforts and support quality products MADE IN USA.

~Marcus Wiley

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