Your belt is custom cut to fit you perfectly.
Please read the following simple steps to getting a perfectly fitted belt.

1. We build an extra 2 inches into every belt to accommodate trousers and a tucked in shirt so we ask that you order your true waist size.

2. The easiest way to get this measurement is to take the belt you wear every day and lay it out flat on a table in front of you. With a tape measure or yard stick, measure from the outside tip of the belt buckle to the hole that fits the most comfortably. Now subtract 2 inches. This is your true waist. This is the size belt you should order from us.

NOTE: Trouser sizes vary from company to company so are not a reliable source for one's waist size.

We know this process is an inconvenience but it guarantees a belt that fits.

Thank you.
Marcus Wiley, owner and belt maker

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