To Stitch or Not to Stitch?

Our belts have been hand stitched for as long as we have been in business. We take great pride in our stitching, as not a single stitch has failed in all in these years. Stitching adds a time honored tradition of quality to our line and we will always offer our belts stitched. We do however recognize the need to be flexible. Over the years we have received numerous requests for belts that have snaps on, so different buckles can be put on the strap. We were never able to find snaps both strong and small enough to meet our standards. I did however, experiment with Chicago screws and am very pleased with the outcome. Screws offer the flexibility of wearing different buckles while stitching adds a wonderful layer of gorgeous handwork.

We now offer much of our line with Chicago screws or with rivets as an alternative to stitching. All are equally strong and long lasting, and when the belt is worn neither stitch nor screw nor riveting is visible. And last, but certainly not least, is the difference in price. Chicago screws and rivets require less labor and that is reflected in the overall price.

Note: certain Wiley Brothers belt buckles are "bypass"buckles that require no stitches, screws or rivets: these buckles, like those fitted for Chicago screws, can be taken off one strap and put on another for those seeking a variety of leather colors to wear with a favorite buckle.

To purchase additional straps to mix and match among either Chicago screw belts or bypass buckle belts, please go to the Resizing & Extra Straps section on the Products page to make your selection.


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